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Zoo Med Repti Shedding Aid
Aids in removing dry sheds from snakes and lizards. It conditions your reptiles' skin and works be..
Ex Tax: £4.50
Komodo Cuttlebone Discs
Cuttlebone is an all-natural calcium and phosphorus supplement which is important for healthy bone..
Ex Tax: £1.24
Komodo Revitalive Emergency Treatment
Revitalive is ideal to use routinely whenever moving an animal to a new environment, such as when ..
Ex Tax: £5.82
Based on 1 reviews.
Lucky Reptile Pipettes
These plastic pipettes are excellent for providing drinking water to chameleons and other lizards...
Ex Tax: £3.30
Komodo Claw Clippers
Help keep a reptiles claws trim to reduce scratches and damage to both the reptile and handler. ..
Ex Tax: £3.32
Komodo Beastie Drink
Beastie Drink provides feeder insects and invertebrates with a hygienic and safe method of hydrati..
Ex Tax: £2.90
Based on 1 reviews.
Vetark Zolcal-D 120ml
A ´state of the art´ veterinary formulated liquid calcium supplement with vitamin D3 and magnesium..
Ex Tax: £7.39
Komodo Calcium (Cricket) Dust 200g
Komodo's Cricket Dust is 100% pure calcium powder. It can be provided to reptiles either by placin..
Ex Tax: £3.99
Vetark Nutrobal
A vitamin/mineral supplement specifically formulated as a high calcium "balancer " for insect..
Ex Tax: £6.54
ProRep Bug Gel
Bug Gel is the preferred water source for your pet and food invertebrates. As it is in a safe gel ..
Ex Tax: £1.89
Zoo Med Repti Turtle Eye Drops
Opens and cleans inflamed turtle eyes. Use as a preventative for eye diseases caused by vitamin A..
Ex Tax: £4.50
ProRep Bug Grub
Bug grub is an insect food with the benefit of added calcium. Gut load your insects with this prod..
Ex Tax: £2.29
Vetark BSP Drops 50ml
BSP stands for Broad spectrum. These are high potency vitamin drops so that only a small amount is..
Ex Tax: £5.95
Komodo Calcium for Carnivores Supplement 115g
Komodo's Calcium Supplement for Carnivores contains a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals with..
Ex Tax: £4.79
Exo Terra Aquatise Water Conditioner
The chemical treatment of tap water, which makes it suitable for human consumption, leaves toxic r..
Ex Tax: £5.07
Based on 1 reviews.
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