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The Microclimate EVO Pro is a revolutionary new thermostat which along with all of the previous EVO’s amazing features
now comes complete with a hygrostat and one of the most accurate humidity sensors available today. The sensor has
been used and tested by the military at sea so will easily stand the test of time inside your herptiles enclosure. The humidity
sensor has been combined with the temperature sensor into a single probe making installation straight forward.
As before the EVO Pro comes with two sockets, one for a heating device and the second socket can be used with either
a fogger or a rain system. 
Set your highest and lowest acceptable humidity levels, and the EVO Pro will continuously control the humidity levels
all day. Alternatively you can use the periodic setting. The periodic setting allows you to programme your fogger/rain
system to activate for a set amount of time; 1 second, 10 seconds, 30 seconds etc. At set periods during the day; every
minute, hour, once a day… get the idea. At these set points the EVO Pro activates, then takes a reading of your enclosure. If its drastically below your highest set point, it will activate for the full time you have set; 10 seconds, 30 seconds etc.… but if the reading is let’s say 67% and your high setting is 70% the EVO Pro will calculate how long it needs to mist/spray for and will only spray for 5 of the 10 seconds or 10 of the 30 seconds you have set basically for as much time as it needs to, to get the job done. 
It’s a truly intelligent piece of kit…maybe a little bit too intelligent! Am I the only one fearing that the robot uprising
could be started by an EVO Pro?
As with the original EVO you can:
Set Alarms
Set day and night periods
View a data log of all the temperatures and humidity levelsdisplayed in an easy to read graph
Change the main thermostat from an on/off to a dimmer
or a pulse whatever you need.
Lock the unit to stop tiny fingers changing your settings
It also features 8 programmable time zones allowing you to give highs and lows of both temperature and humidity
throughout the day
All controlled using the EVO’s simple to use touch screen. What else could any reptile keeper want? 
Advice from the Peregrine Partner Team - Owen Chennery.
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