Marginated tortoises, a brief overlook

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The Marginated Tortoise (Testudo marginata) is the largest species of European Tortoise reaching a length of up to 35cm. It originates from Greece, Italy and the Balkans in southern Europe.

It lives in more mountainous regions than its European relatives and adults also have a darker colouration which allows them to warm up quicker in the higher elevations where they live. The shell is an oblong shape and has saw like flanks at the rear which cover their back legs, this is where the name ‘Marginated’ comes from.

They are strictly herbivorous and in captivity a diet of weeds is ideal, this can be supplemented with ProRep Mediterranean tortoise diet. They can be kept outside in summer in secure enclosures when the temperature is warm enough but a large indoor enclosure, such as a Tortoise table complete with UV and high basking temperature should be available for cold/wet weather. They will also need to be kept inside over winter but they will hibernate if this is preferred.

Their enclosure should have several hides and a substrate of ProRep Tortoise Life is ideal. A large shallow water dish should be provided and they can be bathed weekly, this is especially beneficial to hatchlings and juveniles. They are a fairly relaxed species although they can be territorial, especially in breeding season.

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