African Clawed Frogs

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African Clawed Frog

The African Clawed Frog (Xenopus laevis) is a relatively large aquatic frog belonging to the Pipidae family. They originate from shallow ponds and lakes in Southern Africa and live can live up to 20 years with the proper care, although they average around 10-15 years. They have a flattened body with strong legs and clawed feet. They may camouflage, but are generally a brown/grey colour with paler skin underneath. They can reach around 4-5 inches in length.


Clawed frogs are an ideal species for beginner Amphibian keepers as they are docile, social and easy to care for. They are also quite hardy so there is a low chance of them getting ill.

Clawed frogs should be kept in an aquarium on their own or with other Clawed frogs of a similar size. A tight fitted lid should be added to ensure that the frog does not escape, as they will dry out if they are not in water. They are an active species of frog, so the bigger the enclosure the better. You should have water of around 18-30cm deep (or as tall as your frog) to ensure that your frog can stand on the bottom and put its head out of the water still. Water should be changed daily or a gentle filter should be added to prevent the build-up of bacteria and water should always be de-chlorinated or bottle spring water. Gravel can be added to the bottom of the enclosure as long as the gravel is too big for the frogs to eat and fake or live plants can be added as décor and for your frogs to hide in. The temperature of the water should have a gradient of 20-25 degrees Celsius which can be achieved by using a water heater.

African Clawed Frogs will eat most worms, small feeder fish and turtle pellets.


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