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For the last decade, MistKing® have engineered the worlds most advanced misting systems which have enhanced the keeping and breeding of reptile and amphibians for hobbyists and zoos across the globe.

The MistKing® systems are renowned for their ultra-quiet pumps, incredibly fine mist and  long-life performance. Many keepers still have systems which have been running over a decade.

Starter Misting System £169.99

This Starter Misting System v4.0 includes:



24V DC misting pump


Pump power adapter


1 Value L misting assembly


Reservoir bulkhead with O-ring and...

Virtual Tour of Coast to Coast Exotics – Darlington (North East of England)


Since its inception in the early 90’s Coast to Coast Exotics has changed many times, having had over a dozen complete refurbishments / expansions and countless minor changes and updates. It has always kept ahead of the field, hardly surprising as its one of the UK’s original exotic animals stores, and one of a handful still trading today.

We have always aimed to provide a great experience when visiting, others have called us trend setting! If you have not visited us recently, or even at all perhaps its time to visit us to see what makes...

Posted by in Equipment, General Reptile on Apr 23, 2015 .

Reptile One Atmostat


We’ve waited for this thermostat for some time, and were aware of its development over a year ago. The reptile thermostat market is really hotting up, with almost every manufacturer with an offering. Long gone are the days of two main thermostat manufacturers in the UK, and the technology is at long last starting to evolve into something more fitting of the modern reptile keepers demands.


I’ve long been involved with this brand from Australia, and was their consultant in the UK for several years. Coast to Coast Exotics is pleased to be a Reptile One Authorised Dealer – a scheme that was...

Posted by in Snakes, Lizards, General Reptile on Mar 24, 2015 .

One of the commonest problems customers coming into Coast to Coast Exotics encounter is skin shedding problems for reptiles. It’s a relatively straight forward process for reptiles, they have out grown out of their skin and shed it for many millions of years! However, there are certain conditions that nature provides them to do the job easily – and we must replicate that when keeping them in vivaria.


Leopard geckos and Corn snakes are two of the main culprits. Both species originate from either very dry or relatively dry terrain in the wild. This must be replicated in the vivarium, if you were to keep these species in...

Receiving Livefoods during cold weather


During cold weather we make every effort to ensure that your livefoods arrives as warm as possible.  To do this we use different packing methods depending on the severity of the predicted weather.  This may include the use of heat packs, insulation inside the outer carton/


However, despite all our efforts you livefood will often arrive looking as if it is dead.  In order to bring your livefood around it is essential that you carefully follow the instructions below.


Upon receipt of your livefoods you should:


1.    Unpack the outer boxes immediately

2.   ...

Planted terrariums based around the concept of a “Bio-Active” substrate and containing living plants and detritivores is a relatively new concept in the UK, although it is something that has been established on the continent for many years.


In principle the idea is very simple. Rather than using a single, fairly inert substrate which may work as a substrate but brings few other benefits, a substrate is used which is blended from different components. This enables the drainage, structure, water holding capacity, nutrient level and decomposition rate to be determined by varying the proportion of ingredients. You can...

The Care and Breeding of Lygodactylus angularis

Over the last few years Coast to Coast Exotics has become well known for importing unusual species that are difficult to obtain as captive bred so that they can be placed in the hands of breeders to ensure supply in the future. We have brought several species of the Lygodactylus genus into the hands of UK breeders, but angularis is one of the more relatively hard to source species. It is for this reason that we attempted to breed them ourselves. This account is from 2009-2010, mainly from memory with a few notes to refer too!

Lygodactylus angularis occur in the wild in Tanzania...

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