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Lucky Reptile Corner Turtle Islands
Lucky Reptile Turtle Islands are floating islands for turtles. They are made of a robust foam mate..
Ex Tax: £12.75
Lucky Reptile Compact UV Sun
  With the new generation of the Compact UV Sun we could maintain the lamp performance whil..
Ex Tax: £21.10
Lucky Reptile Amphib Sun LED light
The Lucky Reptile Amphib Sun is especially suitable for amphibians. It uses modern LED technology ..
Ex Tax: £10.20
Lucky Reptile Multi Box (egg laying/humid hide)
The Multi Box is no normal hiding place but a specially constructed system. If you add Lucky Repti..
Ex Tax: £17.01
Lucky Reptile Terrarium Humus
The Lucky Reptile Humus Brick consist of natural coco humus which has been pressed to a tight bric..
Ex Tax: £1.10
Lucky Reptile Snake Tongs
Snake tongs are perfect for handling dangerous snakes (i.e. venomous snakes). They have pistol gri..
Ex Tax: £49.98
Lucky Reptile Infrared Thermometers
      The Lucky Reptile Infrared Thermometer measures the temperature of obje..
Ex Tax: £29.77
Lucky Reptile Pocket Snake Hook
The Pocket Hook is small and handy and excellent for small snakes. It can be adjusted from 18 to 5..
Ex Tax: £11.05
Lucky Reptile HEAT Dark Spot Ceramic Heat Emitter
  Ceramic heat emitters emit invisible infrared radiation which warm animals and objects. T..
Ex Tax: £22.11
Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Desert Ultra Metal Halide
The Bright Sun ULTRA 150w is a high performance lamp which was developed for use in large terrariu..
Ex Tax: £51.05
Lucky reptile Dial Thermometers / Hygrometers and Combo
Temperature and humidity are belonging to the most critical factors for successfully keeping repti..
Ex Tax: £4.50
Lucky Reptile Bright Control for Metal Halide Bulbs
The Bright Control is necessary for operating Bright Sun UV lamps. It contains ballasts, ignitor a..
Ex Tax: £42.54
Lucky Reptile Thermo Control II Thermostat
  The successor of the popular Thermo Control thermostats shows only with its price that it..
Ex Tax: £40.84
Lucky Reptile Thermosocket Ceramic Lamp holder and reflector
  These sets contain a E27 porcelain lampholder, a high quality steel reflector, wire mesh ..
Ex Tax: £17.01
Lucky Reptile DRIPPER
  Drippers are very practical and good for the well-being of the animals, however, the comp..
Ex Tax: £20.42
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