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Lucky Reptile Snake Hook Pin Stick
With the snake pin hook snakes can be pinned down behind the head, so that they cannot bite and ca..
Ex Tax: £16.84
Lucky Reptile Pinky Press
The Pinky Press is used for force feeding snakes and other reptiles. It is basically a metal syrin..
Ex Tax: £56.15
Lucky Reptile Terra Branch
    Lucky Reptile Terra Branches are artificial but natural looking branches. Thanks..
Ex Tax: £7.65
Lucky Reptile Tortoise Garden Set / Components
Tortoise Garden is a flexible kit system which allows you to create the perfect enclosure for your..
Ex Tax: £0.60
Lucky Reptile Caves
    These caves are natural looking stone replicas made from resin. They are an exce..
Ex Tax: £8.41
Lucky Reptile Heat mats
  The heat mats have two advantages for the animals; first they heat objects, e.g. stone..
Ex Tax: £11.06
Lucky Reptile HEAT Thermo Mat PRO
  These heat mats fulfill all wishes of demanding reptile keepers. They are waterproof a..
Ex Tax: £23.48
Lucky Reptile Mini Halogen Sun (double packs)
 The Lucky Reptile Halogen Sun Mini is the smallest available lamp for E27 sockets. Its refle..
Ex Tax: £8.50
Lucky Reptile Pipettes
These plastic pipettes are excellent for providing drinking water to chameleons and other lizards...
Ex Tax: £3.30
Lucky Reptile Thermo Control PRO II
  The Thermo Control PRO II is a modified Thermo Control II. The main difference is the rea..
Ex Tax: £55.30
Lucky Reptile Night Sky Moonlight LED Set
The Night Sky LED set imitates the light of the moon and makes nocturnal observations of reptiles ..
Ex Tax: £22.03
Lucky Reptile Digital Thermometer Deluxe
      This electronic thermometer has an external sensor which allows measuri..
Ex Tax: £7.82
Lucky Reptile Bright Control Pro For Metal Halide Bulbs
The Bright Control PRO is an electronic ballast designed for optimal use with the Bright Sun UV la..
Ex Tax: £74.45
Lucky Reptile Corner Turtle Islands
Lucky Reptile Turtle Islands are floating islands for turtles. They are made of a robust foam mate..
Ex Tax: £12.75
Lucky Reptile Compact UV Sun
  With the new generation of the Compact UV Sun we could maintain the lamp performance whil..
Ex Tax: £21.10
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